Warranty and returns

The purchaser must inspect the goods upon receipt, and any complaint must be made to Relativity Pty Ltd within one week of receipt. Relativity Pty Ltd will repair or replace at its option goods which are defective by manufacture, or insured goods which are damaged during shipping to the customer. Hidden defects which may arise in usage must be notified to us upon detection, however not later than one year after receipt.

We require that you make any warranty claim in writing within the above defined time limits. Returned goods will only be accepted in the cases of defective manufacture, damage during shipping of insured goods to the customer, and warranty claims as described above. Returned goods will not be accepted in any circumstance without prior written authorisation from Relativity Pty Ltd.

We will not be liable for claims of consequential damage or personal injury caused by malfunction, misuse, failure to operate or unsafe application of any product. Nothing in the aforementioned paragraphs shall be construed to reduce or exclude any statutory rights you may have in any Australian state in which the sale is made by Relativity Pty Ltd.