Relativity four axis CNC drive system for OEM application

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This drive system is suitable for use with new, used, retrofitted or OEM CNC machines equipped with unipolar or bipolar stepper motors up to 3.5A per phase. It is available in inch or metric configurations and with worldwide voltage options, tailored to the specific parameters of your machine.

Advanced parameter supervision (APS) continuously monitors position, velocity and acceleration on all axes, preventing over-travel and other mechanical damage due to mis-configured soft limits or other exceptions during normal operation.

CNC-4AX may be connected directly to a computer parallel port using the supplied cable, or to a dedicated motion controller with a step/direction type interface. Known compatible motion controllers include Warp9 SmoothStepper (USB), OEMTech ncPod (USB), Geckodrive G100 (USB/ethernet) and others.

Product features

  • Compact and reliable design with temperature controlled fan
  • Automatic, independent axis homing for repeatable positioning
  • Front panel emergency stop switch and key switch lockout
  • Real-time DRO for axis positions and other parameters
  • Continuous supervision of position, velocity and acceleration
  • Opto-isolated, digitally filtered motion controller interface
  • Support for mechanical, proximity and optical home switches
  • Opto-isolated, short-circuit protected home switch inputs
  • 10X micro-stepping with full-step morphing at high speeds
  • Recirculating current mode reduces motor temperature with idle
  • 20kHz motor switching frequency, with resonance compensation
  • Two independently controlled, surge-protected AC outlets
  • 115V or 230V 50/60Hz worldwide input voltage range (OEM option)
  • 0-10V analog output signal for e.g. VFD speed control (OEM option)
  • Four digital input signals for e.g. digitizing probe or robot (OEM option)

Included components

  • CNC-4AX drive box
  • Motion controller interface cable
  • IEC power cable

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 110-120V or 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Unipolar/bipolar stepper motors up to 3.5A per phase

CNC-4AX machine parameters are not user-programmable at this time. We supply a simple worksheet for you to describe the applicable machine, and initial programming is included in the purchase price. Reprogramming to suit new machines is possible, with a service charge of $100 plus return freight.

A generous discount schedule and various customisation options are available for volume customers, including your own front and back panel artwork, start-up screen and firmware strings. We can also supply tools to assist you with end-user support, including setup guides and configuration files for popular CNC software, and pre-programmed "demo plug" dongles to demonstrate machine operation or debug controller problems without involving any computer or software.

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